ManageEngine OpUtils 5.6: Web-based Switch Port & IP Address Management Software for Administrators

ManageEngine OpUtils 5.6

tools, which includes Network monitoring (Bandwidth Monitor, Network Monitor, Wake-on-LAN, Port Scanner,etc.) and Server monitoring tools (Disk Space Monitor, CPU Monitor, Process and Software Scan etc.). The Professional Edition includes all the 34 tools, which includes Switch Port Mapper, IP Address Manager, Rogue Detection, Cisco Tools (Config File Manager, IOS, Flash, IP Routes, Device Monitor, Interfaces, etc.), and Custom SNMP Tools. The 15

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SolarWinds IP Address Tracker 1.0.1

IP address management)! Our new IP Address Tracker frees you from the evils of spreadsheets, delivering powerful and simple-to-use features that give you a unified view of your IP address space and that enable you to manage it - all for free! IP Address Tracker makes it easy to: Track an unlimited number of IP addresses for a unified, at-a-glance view of your entire IP address space See which IP addresses are in use - and which are not Determine

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DataQualityTools 4.07

Tools: - Fast, largely automated and thus easy to use comparison of address databases for double addresses. The postal address (error-tolerant matching), telephone number, email address, address or customer number and tax number can all serve as matching criteria. - Option to compare with blacklists and the enhancement of an address database using the comparison results with data from a second address database. - User-defined universal matching,

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Network diagnostic tools 1.0: Network Diagnostic Tools are client server programs for network configuration

Network diagnostic tools 1.0

tools: - Displays system IP addresses and MAC addresses Displays all local TCP/IP connections and their foreign connection IP address Allows you to view quotations from a remote Quote server Lists the available network services (HTTP, Telnet, DNS, SMTP, and so on) for a particular host Allows you to verify any e-mail address by simply entering a full user principal name ( Displays available online tools, how-to’s, tips, and news

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Domain Lookup Tools Package 1.18

Package of domain/ip address lookup tools for Windows, including DomainHostingView, which creates extensive HTML report about the specified domain by using a series of DNS and WHOIS queries, WhoisThisDomain, which extracts the WHOIS record of the specified domain, IPNetInfo, which provides information about the specified IP address, DNSDataView, which displays the list of DNS records for the specified domain, and more...

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SI Lookup 1.0: Free Windows tool to determine the owner of an IP address or domain hosting

SI Lookup 1.0

IP address, or, to be precise, a block of IP addresses. There are no tools that come with Windows which can look up information about an IP address. Instead, you can visit ARIN database, learn about its query syntax, and fire up search on an IP address. If the address does not belong to the North American block, you will quite often see only the basic information specifying the country and organization responsible for assigning IP addresses there

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Hide My MAC Address 1.2: Prevent your MAC address from getting out in the open by hiding it.

Hide My MAC Address 1.2

Hide your MAC Address from hackers, law enforcement, your ISP, WiFi networks, online games, and more! Anyone with the right tools can track your Internet activity if they know your MAC Address. Your MAC Address is continuously being sent over WiFi networks, even if they use secure WEP/WPA Encryption. Don`t let your MAC Address to get out in the open, download Hide My MAC Address now.

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ContactCopy Instantly copy contacts from text to Outlook.


With ContactCopy, you select contact information such as name, address, phone number and email address in any application. With just a keystroke you copy all data to your contact database in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Palm Desktop. With ContactCopy, you avoid typing errors when transferring important contact data such as email addresses, phone and fax numbers or postal addresses.

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Address Book Recovery Free 1.0: Address Book Recovery Free recover deleted Windows Address Book contacts

Address Book Recovery Free 1.0

Address Book Recovery Free restore contact information from the Windows Address Book. With the tool, you can: - quickly recover records erroneously deleted from the Address Book; - view the history of Address Book changes; - recover deleted records from the Address Book damaged by a virus or an antivirus (as the result of checking and attempting to fix the Windows Address Book file); - restore data from unreadable Address Book files.

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Recovery Toolbox for Address Book 1.2.15: Recover and undelete Windows Address Book contacts. Repair Windows Address Book.

Recovery Toolbox for Address Book 1.2.15

Address Book tool makes it possible to recover contact information from the Windows Address Book where data used by the mail clients Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (wab files) is stored. With Recovery Toolbox for Address Book, you can: - quickly recover data deleted from the Address Book by mistake; - view the history of changes in the Address Book; - effectively recover data from the Address Book corrupted by a virus or by an antivirus program

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